Connected TV

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The first global Connected TV adtech that empowers media buyers with the best technology to manage how, when and where their brands will be seen in the new era of TV.

Consumers have dramatically changed their consumption habits, making CTV a high-reach and relevant media channel.

CTV versus traditional TV has lower entry barriers: high completion rate, visibility and more data reports.

and precise reach
at scale
personalized ads

Traditional TV
Linear measurement
Long commercial breaks
Average frequency
CPM/TRP efficiency
No attribution possibilities

Connected TV
Precise measurement through devices
Short commercial breaks
High frequency
Reach efficiency
Multi Platform attribution

Meet the New TV_

Why Kivi?


We offer precise segmentation, reaching only the desired viewers: demographic, device & interest


Tech enabled data optimization process that ensures the best campaign results

Quality reach

Extensive and secure traffic network that allows the highest quality reach


AI powered tools that help create the most innovative creatives

Kivi’s new tech tool that will ensure the success of your campaign


TrackTv integrates data from multiple advertising platforms that allows real time measurement of your campaigns


Customize audiences based on demographic, geographic or behavioral criteria

Customized Reports

Detailed and customizable reports that showcase CTV ad performance metrics

Performance Funnel measurement

Track and measure the success of each campaign during each stage of the funnel, from awareness to conversion

Channel attribution Analysis

Understand which channel is delivering the most conversions and final sales

Types of ads and their main features


Dynamic creative optimization allows to personalized the content of ads to individual users in real-time

Dynamic intelligence - Personalization

Instream Video

Video advertising that is inserted within other video content: Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Post roll ads that are non-skip, allow brands to reach and engage with large audiences

Viewability - VTR - Attention

Interactive ads

The viewer can access an external website through a QR code integrated in the content

Campaign by EssenceMediacom agency
Dual screen - Dual experience

Rich Media

Creatives made for greater impact, generating more attention from the user

Creative Impact - Customization

Boost Your Brand with CTV