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We're firm believers that technology should always be guided by a top-tier human team to achieve success. This is why we've established an ecosystem for personal and professional development, ensuring each team member to reach their maximum potential.

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Our values


We are 100% transparent and honest. We listen, receive and seek feedback on how to improve. We change behavior that no longer helps us be the best version of ourselves.

Our values

Top level performer

We always go the extra mile. We never stop growing and wanting to do better. We love challenges. We achieve and work with maximum efficiency.

Our values

Team player

We're a team. We work as one and take care of each other. We choose kindness and collaboration as our key tools to find solutions.

Our values

Kivi spirit

We recognize the effort and success of each individual. We celebrate the success of someone on our team as if it were our own.

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of an amazing team

At Kivi we believe that the main ingredient for success is surrounding yourself with amazing people.

We encourage the freedom to create and think big when acting, knowing that each member of our team has a unique talent. Diversity is a core aspect of our innovative and disruptive company, we invite you to be part of our dream.


Carrer development

Unlock personal and professional growth tools aligned with our strategic goals.

International team

Team up with peers across the globe and make any Kivi office your workspace.

Growth potential

Your skills matter to us, and we're all about fueling your development.


Embrace a balanced blend of remote work and in-office workdays.

Wellness coach

Navigate your physical, mental, and emotional well-being with our wellness program.

Monthly activities

Dive into the Kivi spirit with after-office parties and team adventures.

WeWork partnership

You can work comfortably from anywhere in the world.

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